It's almost 2020, what futurist thing did you seriously think we'd have by now?

So I used to be a devoted Christian until about 3-4 years ago and while you may see it as the right moving to nationalism and away from christianity with their actions so many of those people still think they're Christian and are doing God's work.

The reason religion fucked up the US is because the politicians can prey on the Christians ignorance and fear and control a large portion of the population and get them to essentially do their bidding through indirect means like causing problems for everyone. I'm sure you already know all this though.

Christian's truly believe we are very close to the end because the "sinners"(regular/educated people" have finally had enough of their shit and are slowly pushing them out of the government. So then when the Christian's are slowly dying off you and cant extort them anymore you start to just try and plunge the country into chaos and confusion like the GOP's is trying.

I probably went off on a tangent but if you're not satisfied with my response we can keep discussing.

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