Almost 40 hours into Andromeda and... it's honestly not even bad?

I enjoyed ME:A, but the bugs are kinda unacceptable.

In my first playthrough, I encountered two bugs that prevented me from being able to ever finish two side quests. There is also a game breaking bug for some people that if you save while in the vehicle I can't believe I'm blanking on the name, the game will not load / will be stuck on a black screen.

I understand games are more complex then they were back in the day, but remember back when open world games were relatively polished and not as buggy as games like Fallout 4 and this one was? I can remember buying a game before the internet and knowing that it worked. Small bugs, yeah, but never something as bad as games nowadays are.

I feel as if we don't give games enough criticisms for being buggy as hell. I mean, to think, "it'll be fixed in a patch" should not be a thought that crosses our minds. Granted, I fully believe that ME:A has been getting shit on far too much, but at the same time I am kinda glad. Maybe this will start a conversation about the fact that, while the gaming industry is progressing, we are not getting the same quality anymore, in terms of bugs and glitches.

So yeah, I really enjoyed ME:A and have definitely gotten my money's worth / will continue. However, I am so sick of games releasing and being as buggy as this game is, if not more. Something needs to be done about that.

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