Almost 90,000 dead and no hint of national mourning. Are these deaths not ‘ours’?

I found others reluctant to grieve with me because most people are in DEEP denial. I could not believe how many of my close friends and family don't want to discuss the subject

Instead, most of my friends saw my distress as self inflicted, a problem that had to do with "worrying too much" or "reading too much news" or as an acquaintance said, "being a pessimist."

I am not a pessimist. I only allowed myself to begin the grieving process. I cried for all the elders dying without their family, for those gasping for air, for those who would lose their spouse, their father, their child.

Very few others would grieve with me.

I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but the reason your friends and family don't want to talk about this isn't denial.

It's because you're a huge bummer.

I have a feeling you try to fit COVID19 into each and every conversation, and they're just sick of it.

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