I almost admitted myself.

The message you sent literally proves my point, you aren’t showing any sort of regret, you are trying your best to defend yourself on something and thats clear at the massive message you just sent doing anything but facing the truth... you brought up psychologists and how you were allowed out, and how im not like you. Yeah you are right, im not like you and i never will understand your brain or your psyche, but i do know that your message shows no traces of regret due to the fact you deflect the main issue and bring up several other issues to deflect the truth and the fact you most likely are still interested in that shit and its why you have been seen to defend your actions in other replies. I wouldn’t be surprised if you get locked up in the next 5 years for it. Real offenders who have regrets and are deeply sorry, don’t come on reddit and do the shit you did, they truly try to make a difference, which is something i don’t see you doing. Rather than sitting on reddit saying you are sorry and that you are bad, try and make a change and prove it.

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