do almost all families in the world all argue about money? I heard finances are the number one most common sources of unhappiness in families, relationships

Discussing our money is pretty taboo in my family. To this day I do not know how much money we have collectively. The first time I found out how much my father earns was from a newspaper. But it was always clear that we don't need to worry about it. I don't know why, but where I'm from it's a taboo in general.

No, I wasn't able to buy anything I wanted growing up. Yes, many things were deemed to be too expensive for kids to get/have. For more expensive things they'd often wait for a while to see if we really wanted them. My parents never let us follow the newest fads, like what toys were super popular at school etc. We never even owned a TV. But this never was about money, it was about raising us kids.

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