"It is almost as if Canada is taking up the cause of the international trading system." Canada launches 'broad' WTO complaints against Trump protectionist trade practices, mainly on behalf of other nations.

Canada isn't just trees and snow. In most populated areas in the summer, it can still be hot enough and well over 80.

Similar to the US most people wouldn't travel to visit smaller cities. If you were to come here you would travel to either Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and some things on the East side.

Montreal is similar to Europe - Nice food, events, arts, festivals. Toronto is a city full of diversity and you're able to pick out any food you want, arts, festivals, islands, you can even jump off the CN tower on ropes if you want to.

There's a lot of things to do in Canada and assuming it's only a wintery fuckland is only appropriate to say for some months of the year. Most major cities are hotbeds and not too cold in the winter.

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