I know almost nothing about football, can I successfully participate in FF?

also, something that helps me out, because i am frankly horrible with names just in general, and i get people mixed up all the time. may be good for you while you learn who's who. i keep a spreadsheet of like the top 25-45 players at any given position. depends on your league size how much depth you'll have to keep track of. i make the spread sheet like so (can do it anyway u want but this is just what i do)

1 tab for each position: qb, rb, wr, te, k, def

i list the players in order by last years performance. you could just use predraft rankings on any site. the order you put them in really doesnt matter exactly, i just use it for general reference. columns are: players name, points they got last year, games played, avg points per game (which i just use the formula thing to calculate with the previous two columns), then ive got three columns for projections from 3 different sites that i have found to be ...meh....relatively accurate, then the most important column i like to call "notes" lol.

then what i do is i go through this reddit page, and begin reading. any major changes for a player, like trades, injuries, jail time type stuff, i make a note of it. and i read peoples opinions on the affect that will have on said player. You are gonn have to make your own desicion on which side your gonna take cause obviouslt the opinions are gonna vary and there is not a single person that posts stuff on this page, and theres no expert out there that is ever ever ever 100% correct on every one of their opinions.

so 30 minutes to an hour every like 3-4 days spent on here, updating my spreadsheet accordingly. by the time draft time comes around, i typically know exactly what is going on with most players.

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