‘Along with an attacking midfielder, a Centre Forward will be Arsenal’s main priority this summer’ says Charles Watts

I know you know you're wrong because you're arguing around the point. You made a bad example that's unrelated to the point, I rebut it, you immediately drop it and make another bad example that's unrelated to the point, and I'm sure we'd rinse and repeat if I let you.

Here's the point, stated as simply as I can make it: If we are better with Lacazette than without him, he should stay. Do you disagree? Do you think we should sell Lacazette if doing so makes the team worse? And to be clear, I know you will probably say we should sell him and buy someone else. I fully understand that and I addressed that as well in my original point. Lacazette is an underrated and relatively unique forward who would be more difficult to replace than most people realize. Aubameyang is a much better player than Lacazette yet we play worse with Auba at CF. We need to fix this problem or find a player who can do what Lacazette does, otherwise Lacazette should not be sold. Because guess what? This isn't about making money. Making money is a means to an end, and that end is improving the team. If we make money but don't improve the team, then making that money was pointless. Do you understand now? I guarantee you do not.

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