Alot of people seem to come to van life because of places with high rent. Let's discuss this why do you dwell?

I live in the SF Bay Area. I'm a single mom and I struggle to be able to put a roof over our heads in this area. I am fortunate. I have a job where I work remotely so all I need is a computer and the internet to work. With that said, my daughter wanted to graduate from her high school and in our area, the rents went up over 50% in a year (the landlord would sign a year lease but as the rents were rising, he felt it was in his best interests to put us all on a month to month basis so he could raise the rent when it behooved him). I did everything I could but eventually, I couldn't afford the rent and eat. When my daughter went to college (UC Berkeley) I began living out of my car because my financial situation was a mess. I didn't have a choice. My daughter was guaranteed housing for her first year but given the housing crisis in the area, she was forced to try and find housing near Berkeley as a student. I couldn't help her and she couldn't find housing she could afford. As a result, she climbed into the shotgun position and we both lived out of my car for another year and a half. I was able to pay off some debt and improve my credit. When she went back to Cal to finish her degree, we moved in together and she took the train into Berkeley (over an hour commute). She's about to graduate (this weekend, actually) and I want a van. I want my own space. I love to travel. Mostly, I miss the sunrise and sunsets. I know that sounds really simple but there are very few times in my day to day life living in an apartment where I witness something truly beautiful. Everyday when I lived in my car, I witnessed nature's beauty in addition to some of the best qualities of mankind. Everyday here I feel like I only encounter assholes. That's not to say that I didn't run into assholes when living out of my car but I NEVER experience human kindness now. Everyone is so stressed out here that it's isolating for everyone. I cannot wait to leave here and get into a van. I would rather live in my van and be around people who are freed from the stresses of today's out of whack economics than continue to struggle just so I can live my life according to social norms.

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