Alpha 12.1 on Public Testing

Some people including me think a game doesn't need suppression that reduced gunplay to be a good tactical game. We don't want an arcade game with gamey features like rng aiming (big feature of fortnight BR). Squad's animation and aiming system doesn't even support noscoping and I'm glad they actively removed that bullshit along with dropshotting and bunny hopping.

V11 proved that point. People didn't hang around in the open because they would get shot. That realistic fear of death suppressed people.

Adding gamey artificial supression with a 10x20m hitbox is just a simulation that removes the actual fear of getting shot. It's like a damn A-team shootout.

Suppression isn't required for squad to be good. The old rally point system and ammo limitations are what caused the fast gameplay of the old game. You could respawn almost instantly and there wasn't enough to waste any of it on non kill shot if you predicted more then 1 engagement. The old animation system also made a feel very fast and the new one is much slower. Gunplay has been unfairly sacrificed.

I can understand giving every 5.56 the recoil of a full auto 7.62, as stupid as that looks (look up any shooting competition footage using an ar15, recoil for single shots is much lower and in line with V11. It does make long distance shooter less laser like.

People also seem forget the power of movement in V11, a flank in that game was incredibly deadly because of the great gunplay.

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