I already feel bored playing Overwatch, lacking of motivation to play... Do you feel the same?

Pretty much. I was enjoying it for the first week or so, but when the player base realized that a handful of heroes are just hilariously broken right now and began to exploit them, that kind of killed my motivation to be playing the game.

This might be a controversial take, but I think heroes like Sojourn and Sombra being so dominant is terrible for the health of the game. Sojourn combines all the strengths of Soldier and Widowmaker, without suffering from any of their weaknesses. She can brawl at close range, but she has also an insane one-shot potential from any distance and her sliding ability gives her great mobility as well. She needs to be given an identity and a clear weakness because as she is right now, she makes most of the DPS roaster obsolete.

And Sombra simply isn't a hero who's designed with fairness in mind. She's never been, but that wasn't really a problem in Overwatch 1, since her damage was relatively low, and stun abilities and armored heroes hard-countered her. Now that most of that has been removed from the game and Sombra's damage has been buffed significantly, the unfair nature of her kit has become a real problem, one that I'm not sure even the upcoming nerfs with fix.

The tank issue is even more severe. If their tank is on Zarya and your tank goes Doom, it's pretty much GG from the get-go, and it's like, what do you do in that situation? Hard to blame the Doom player, it should be okay to play whatever you want. It just sucks when there is such a glaring power imbalance between two heroes who are in the same category. Zarya can wipe an entire team by herself, while Doom can mostly just tickle them.

We've seen some overtuned heroes and unfun metas over the years, but personally, I can't remember a time when a handful of heroes were individually dominant and uncounterable to such a ridiculous degree. I feel like we were promised Overwatch 2 would never repeat the mistakes of the past, that they'd never let the balance get so out of hand again. But now that the game is out and in many ways, it's worse, I can't help but feel just super disappointed.

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