Alright, boys, pack it up! Turns out gas IS better than electric…science be damned, this pic proves it!

Because in the US, 35% of all electricity generated in the US is oil, another 34% is natural gas.

So only 75% of an EV's power comes from fossil fuels? Whereas, since a gas vehicle requires gasoline to be shipped in tankers, for gasoline that number is OVER 100%?

Also, the numbers you posted heavily depend on your state. If you're in PNW or about half of the east coast states, over 50% of your electricity comes from renewables, and that number is growing all over the U.S. An EV is always more eco-friendly than a gas vehicle, and in some parts of the U.S. it's like a 10× difference.

In some other countries, that number is even huger -- the improvement is multiple orders of magnitude.

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