Alrighty guys, I need some ideas. Anybody married what did you do when you wife had a miscarriage.

I’m married now for 15 years, we couldn’t have a baby until year 9 my wife finally got pregnant (after the 6th IVF), she had a miscarriage in the 4th month and she just went crazy and hysterically crying, absolutely shattered, I told her everything going to be ok, at least you got pregnant when we thought it will just never happen, and you never know what’s our destiny, everything happens for a reason, you never know maybe the baby won’t be born healthy.. etc, just have faith in God, we don’t know why this happened but in the afterlife you will see that this was not a bad thing, anyways, 4 months later my wife got pregnant naturally for the first time, my daughter was born premature (27 weeks) weight 1 kilo and 50 grams (2.3 pounds) , stayed 2 months in an incubator and left the hospital weighing 1.8 kilo (3.9 pounds) , now my daughter is 6 years old, healthy and very smart, her teacher says she’s very special and above average, super sweet girl, very funny and loves to play pranks, such a blessing. Now (6 years later) my wife is pregnant (6th month), also naturally. Be strong and ALWAYS have the best of hope.

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