Alt accounts

ok lets not talk about skins, that shit dont matter. we are talking about skill yea. skins dont help. the elo you gain as i said, depends on your mmr. the game has a system where they predict what rank you belong in based on your games. if youre currently below said rank, youll gain more than you lose. but if youre above that rank, youll lose more than gain. as u win more your mmr increases and ofc decreases if you lose. thats why elo gain differs. if youre winning more your mmr increases and your elo gain wont decrease. but if you keep losing,mmr decreases and your elo gain decreases. therefore if you play on all 3 accounts, and you keep losing on them, they all will only gain abit of elo. so switching around has no difference. and constantly switching accounts means slower climb because youre trying to rank up 3 accounts at once instead of the normal 1.

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