The alt-right is using leaked NATO psychological warfare tactics to spread white supremacism globally

I have an honest question. And I am only posting it here because I think that I would be banned from any other sub for even mentioning it.

For the record I am an American Mutt. I don't think I would qualify as "white" or "black", and if I had a DNA test done I doubt that any one marker would be more than 10%.

But what if white people actually are superior to other races?

Evolution exists, humans evolve, what if the environmental circumstances that make skin white also change other things?

And I am not saying "all white people" but if our eyes can change color, our skin can change color, our height can change, all our "physical" attributes can change, why can't our brains change as well?

Again, not "all" white people, but what if there was some genetic anomaly that happened in a white community thousands of years ago that gave them a genetic advantage, not all whites have it, but only whites have it. And that is why our world looks like it does today.

Again. I don't "identify" as white. My Grandfather was Ojibwa,my Grandmother was Polish. On the other side I don't have a clue.

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