[Altcoin Discussion] Friday, August 09, 2019

He was a woman-loather and a male chauvinist.

He was an Asian supremacist (he was Malaysian refugee living in the US) and a Jewish supremacist and a covert white supremacist.

But what I really couldn't stand was his severe delusion of grandeur coupled with contemptuous, arrogant and know-it-all attitude which made me shake head and roll my eyes whenever I read his self-aggrandizing tweets (I only followed his twitter for crypto-related tweets). Mostly sex and dating related tweets that are full of delusion.

Her'es more specific details:

I started following him because he got me into crypto back in 2017, and thanks to him now I'm making a lot of profit off my home-made crypto bot. I kept following till his death just because he was on my twitter following list.

He was 5'6, skinny and late 20s or early 30s, and average to low-average in terms of sexual attractiveness. Despite all this, he tweeted almost daily about what an "alpha" "dark-triad" "sociopath" "fuckboy" he is, how he's figured out female psychology and how he doesn't need to get married because he can always fuck 18-23 yo girls on Tinder. He frequently boasted about having fucked 100s of girls. But funny thing is, they're all below average looking and old, so his lay count doesn't impress anyone but he thought it was something to brag about.

One of the assertions he made most frequently on his Twitter is the assertion that men that get married are losers, "beta bucks" and "soyboys" (these are Red Pill terms, in case you don't know) because they can't get sex without getting married. He would tweet all that with an assumed air of wisdom. But ironically, he expressed desire to marry a white ginger girl. (he frequently fetishized white girls)

Back when he was on his way to becoming a crypto-millionaire in 2017/2018, he once tweeted about how he doesn't think he could ever respect any man that isn't a millionaire by age 30.

He had extraordinarily big ego that could not be supported by his substandard real life situations. He also had extraordinarily big ambition, an ambition of becoming a man of importance and power, a millionaire 30 something year old fuckboy driving lambo and living a luxurious life is all gone, and killed himself.

Oh and he had a fucking nazi swastica and iron cross tattooed on his chest, despite being asian.

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