Alternate timelines and can they be accessed? [Serious]

  • Of course I am interested to know more, but I also think it's personal information, so I won't ask.

I'll tell you this.

Knowing where a persons point of attention is in the universe is a very very powerful thing.

It is VERY DANGEROUS to allow someone to be a 'leading variable', this is why Shamans say "Just trust me"; you are giving them the wheel. (of your "car")

You see a Shaman say to a person "Just trust me" and the person does; becoming an extension of the Shamans own power and will.

The Shaman then for example... removes teeth from someones head using a Siddhi/Occult power; the person realizes they really have just had their teeth removed and that it is not an illusion or trick.

The Shaman chews the teeth in front of this horrified person, then spits in the persons face; they find their teeth have been returned to their mouth.

The person is surprised by this, unsure what to make of it.

This is a benign but disturbing example of Shamanic power that is only possible with a persons consent; If a person gives you consent you can use your own siddhi/occult power on them.

If they do not, you cannot.

Consent can be given in a number of ways...

  • I had already noticed the generally high quality of your posts

People will act how they're going to act regardless of how advanced they become, a person who enjoys pranks will always engage in this.

A person who enjoys arguments will still argue

I am not well-loved; I am fast to tell someone "You're not right" and this is considered really abrasive in a time where 'The work' is treated like Modern Art.

You're supposed to humor everyone, people treat 'The Work' like the saying "There is no such thing as a bad tattoo."

In reality there is such a thing as a bad Tattoo

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