Although I was happy, I’m starting to see That I should’ve wanted more

I was willing to take the blame she laid on me when she left because if it were my fault, I can fix that.

It wasn't my fault she gave up on us. I did have some issues that I've worked on in counseling subsequently but they weren't dealbreakers, especially if you've been with me for over a decade. She just wanted out and finally had the means to do so.

She replaced me with her new mom. She used to go to her mom to complain about me but her mother would work through it. Well she died and her new "mom" is a fucking idiot. So bitter single losers love to add another to their club, but hey, they've got one another and she can get losers from Tinder to fuck her.

Good luck though on finding someone to actually love her though, she brings almost nothing to the table. I built her up and supported her through all her issues, when I needed her she bailed. Although, like I said, in hindsight she was never there for me to begin with, I just didn't have the self worth to tell her to meet my needs or leave.

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