Altidore red card (credits - /u/deception42).

Wow, how angry can you get about someone else's opinion that has little impact on your own life? How can you get so emotionally charged that you're not even willing to have a rationale argument and instead resort to yelling and swearing as your only means of getting your point across? Clearly you are far more passionate about this than I am. And as I've stated a number of times, I do not condone the behavior that the players often show refs, but you're an absolute hypocrite if you can't understand why they do it. On the flip side to your comments about the ref having a bad day and making poor judgement calls, the same can be said for any player (such as Altidore) especially in the heat of the moment. All the individuals on the field are only human, so mistakes run both ways. You say all refs should receive absolute respect despite making mistakes; you should just as readily say that all players should be forgiven immediately for disrespecting the refs. And if a ref does have a bad game where there are not making many good calls you can very clearly tell that his powers are curtailed, even if it is only in the framework of their own minds. They may become more apprehensive of their initial judgement, rely more heavily on their assistants, or be more dependent on player reactions than they should (i.e. Zlatan's soft red in the PSG-Chelsea second leg of the Champions League).


And to be honest I don't think your recurring reference to disrespecting judges is not an applicable comparative for discussing the "implied social contract" of soccer with respect to players and referees. Judges are one of the physical manifestations of law - essentially the enforcers. If you find yourself in a scenario where you are in a court of law before a judge, the chances are you may have committed a crime - essentially meaning that you disrespected the law, and by extension the judge themselves, even before you were arraigned in court. A better analogy that would be more representative of the referee-player situation would be judges and prosecuting/defending attorneys, and their level of respect for a judge certainly impacts how they engage with them.

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