Always screenshot your convo with artists.

It seems like I left out some context, the guys page was shouted out by a producer that racks in like 500 real likes, had a couple thousand followers and gets comments like it’s nobody’s business.

So after some discussions with other redditors we came to a kind of “eye to eye” type of position on this one possibility. it seems like that producer is using the bot page to steal beats. We’re not sure and I actually didn’t message the producer and I never followed him so I’m kind of stuck on being able to check to see if he’s already out there selling my beats. That’s why the salt content is so high with this post right now. It looked plausible so I threw down.

I’m stupid but not too stupid. I’ve been copywriting all my beats since i got a song taken off SoundCloud and dropped into a DJ POOL, so if they use it I’m getting paid. Done deal.

This was more of a lesson to always screenshot convos cuz I’ve also been dealing with real artists that ask for payment for verses and run off with it. Producers that claim they made a beat when it’s been stolen. And ultimately artists that steal beats.

Forget the context of my messages, look at the power of keeping records of the conversation.

Messages on social media can easily be deleted and conversations can be twisted. Also the screenshots can be used in court IF it gets to that point.

be safe.

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