We always talk about crazy exes...but when and why have you been the shitty ex-girlfriend?

I was deeply in love with him and he was keeping me at a distance. I think he originally only went out with me for the sex and then decided he actually did like me and then felt bad about it. He apologized to me once and I didn't get it until years later. He broke up with me when I was at a really shitty place and I'm pretty sure it was because I was being extremely needy. I had just finished grad school and my big career plans fell through and I was lost, working a shitty minimum wage job and in my head all day long. To add insult to injury the week before he broke up with me we were talking about fancy downtown apartments and he said "I wish you would get a real job so we could be a super power couple." That still stings years later.

I texted him for awhile on and off even when after he wouldn't reply. Then I had a breakdown, was suicidally depressed and wouldn't leave my apartment. Then my grandpa died. I called him when I was in a panic in his city and trying to drive while bawling my eyes out and he actually answered, came to console me because his dad had recently died and I guess he was sympathetic. And I took it wrong. Kept trying to talk to him and only stopped when he said he had a girlfriend and he wasnt going to meet up with me for drinks. Then about a week after that my dad got really sick and nearly died and I slept in the hospital for weeks.

They got engaged during the time my dad was sick. On my birthday. Probably are married now. I'm happy for him but still feel like shit about myself. He is doing all the plans we talked about and I havent fully recovered from the maelstrom of that year after I graduated.

I feel really shitty writing that out.

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