I always thought that Punjabi was not promoted in Pakistan but at least it wasn't being suppressed but after reading this article i am SHOCKED

Punjabi kids are being brainwashed to hate their own language by our schools.

This author's daughter who is in class 2 OBJECTED to the use of Punjabi.

Imagine that

Can you even imagine a class 2 Sindhi, Pashtun OBJECTING the use of Pashto or Sindhi by their parents?

No. Because Sindhi is not only promoted but is also the medium of instruction in Sindh till class 7.

Pashto is also taught till Class 6 in KP.Not promoting a language is one thing but suppressing it is just so much worse.

Speaking Punjabi is completely banned in all Public and Private schools in Pakistan.

I am honestly shocked. I never knew things were this bad in Pakistan and this isn't even in a urdu-fied city like Lahore but this is happening in a KASUR, a less developed PURE Punjabi city

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