Always watch where your exhaust is pointed

It is rare when I take my annoyance on you when this happens. It try very hard not to blame you as most don't realize why. I don't lane y'all, but I'm also not perfect. I save that for after you leave and I'm back inside and the store is empty. However, don't be surprised when I ask you to wait for a bit before I can get out there or straight up tell you I can't do it either due to how busy we are or if we are down a person that day. The company doesn't care, they are trying to push online sales. I, and almost every full time employee, have made their issues with this known. Corporate just doesn't care. Our system is just bad. Even with defective parts it makes it so I either make it hard on the customer or hard on myself. I can't easily do a defective exchange on online orders. I either have to have the customer get a refund to their card and then re order the part to get the same price, or do the refund and then have them pay more on a whole new transaction in the store. The only plus for doing a whole new, more expensive, transaction is that they get a whole new warranty on the part.

I feel the same way about rental tools. However, I get a sales credit for those. It also hits me hard when they are returned. I'm not only judged by the total number of sales I get, but also my hourly average. If I sell you a master ball joint kit for $250 I get a nice boost in the hourly average. When you return it four or five hours later, or first thing the next day I take a major hit. It's just like in school, if you are getting 90's and 100's on every test your average stays pretty good. However, you take a zero it tanks that average and it's a pain to come back from that. This is the reason why I'll try and get you to take the smaller cheaper ball joint kit. Or I'll try and talk you into buying the tool Instead of renting it. It's these sales I'd rather not get credit for. It takes me almost no time to complete it and I'm usually also selling you about a $100 in other parts at the same time.

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