Always be weary of orbiters. If they can't get the girl, they'll try ruin any chance you have.

Thanks for sharing.

I had one of these leeches in my life during college. And actually, a lot of jealous pricks who attempted to sabotage me as a person as well as sabotage my prospects for sex and ultimately valuable LTR. I can't blame them for my ultimate lack of success with these, but they were a huge influencing factor for "falling down a few levels" during these years. But I have empathy and compassion for the younger me of 3-4 years - I was a BP turning into RP of my own consciousness (did not know about any RP theories or resources, except for what little I was told by men in my family) - through getting fit, sport, exercise, self-exploration of deep inner values & identity / higher learning, and mind expanding because I was basically free on campus (no overwhelming family boundaries and a space of my own/shared with roommates in a very similar life situation).

One of the crucial "regressions" during this time was hanging out with BP orbiters and spoiled boys (admittedly, much like myself before my college growth) and sharing my own sexual attraction to girls in social groups like little best friends at a sleepover during elementary school years. I told them who I wanted to fuck, what my creative goals were, some of my personal and unique "secrets" to success in social situations - which worked for me. Haha, writing this I feel so fucking stupid about how I behaved and thought of myself.

I didn't have strong frame, I had a lower self-esteem than what I externally appeared to be living with, and I had a lot of weak attitudes and thoughts about my intrinsic value as a human being (these are deeper family issues that I won't go into). I allowed others' negative life attitudes bring me down because I wasn't aware of those psychological dynamics, and in some cases I even took their negative and spiteful comments at my own face value - like the lyrics in Kendrick Lamar's new single "i" - "In front of a dirty mirror they found me." Thus, I simply dropped the ball on a lot of opportunities and ended up blaming myself entirely without understanding the true intentions of such "friends". Just like you I developed trust issues that has led me to be very cautious and less talkative amongst guys who are not part of my small inner circle that have like-minded goals for themselves and for their lives.

Very valuable lessons though. I missed out on a lot of pussy, a LOT of growth physiologically (lack of holding onto the torch of burning desire to get stronger and raise SMV and also internalizing negative glances and thoughts from others - which in my culture is called Evil Eye, lol), a lot of social game improvement, and social and possible career opportunity because I had a long streak of self-neglect and self-hatred and anger.

Now, after learning, I have an immense amount of self-respect for what I survived (my mindset was so damn weak I honestly am grateful to be alive) and ultimately grew stronger from, I look in the mirror with self-love of the most high, and my journey of self-improvement in all aspects of my life is THE FIRE in my belly that burns every day.

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