I am the 15yo guy who was falsely accused of rape - AMAA

Guys from this subreddits often use situations like yours to "prove" that false rape accusation is widespread problem.

What, in your opinion, is a small enough number of false rape accusations for it not to be a problem?

Do you feel compassion for victims of a system this destructive and abusive to innocent men? Do you not see this is a case of institutionalized sexism?

From the article:

"The emotional cost to the family has been incalculable. Personally, I have not cried as much since my brother was killed in Vietnam.''

From the victim himself, above:

  • I got the shit kicked out of me on a regular basis. This was mostly due to what I was in there for, but being a smart kid, and a smart arse to boot, among others who didn't come from the same kind of background lead to a lot of... conflict.
  • My schooling went to hell - I was mid year 11 when I went in and while I tried to keep it up, I don't think I need to describe how hard it would be to concentrate on studies in an environment like that.
  • I didn't feel safe - ever. Even when guards were around, half the guards were an absolute pack of cunts or just lazy, so their presence wasn't a guarantee of safety. Sometimes the guards themselves just made your life hard, because they could. (Not to say they were all this way, there were some absolute champs too)
  • I changed a lot as a person. This is probably the biggest one, because it wasn't just a slight personality change. Apart from all the bad habits and slang and everything else I picked up (I would spit, randomly, for months after I got out), I just grew up faster than I should have and not all at once. By the time I came out, I had the cynicism and bitterness of a fifty year old with the world experience of, well, a teenager. The few years after were spent mostly just figuring out how I was supposed to act.

Asked "Do you feel that your interactions with the opposite sex have been affected by your experience?"

Yeah, definitely for awhile after - I don't want to say I was "scared" of women, but I was certainly afraid of being alone with a woman. That's probably the biggest issue, it was a case of mistrust for a really long time.

And, by the way, there are women in /r/mensrights. Maybe by "Guys from this [sic] subreddits" you also meant women, but it reads more like you dismissed women's opinions but not men's.

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