Am I (22F) being manipulative by leaving the conversation when my boyfriend (22M) calls me a nickname I hate?

Isn’t that something you say to a dog? ”You are a good girl.” “Who’s a good girl.” I think that it’s more than dominate man/woman behavior, it’s man/dog behavior.

On a lighter note, my husband would pick a phrase out of nothing and start to use it about me (“watching soaps and eating bonbons” to describe what I did all day, etc). I’d ask him to stop, it bothered me and wasn’t the truth.

Then I’d tell him I’m leaving the room the next time he does it. I don’t get angry, I just get up and leave. The room, the conversation. I’ve left a movie theatre before the movie starts and started to walk home. Exited the car when he’s stopped a a stop sign. Nothing dangerous, nothing dramatic. He’s only “mistakenly” said the phrase a few times before he realizes the ramifications.

There has been several times over the years that I’ve needed to take it this far. But again, I’m not angry, I don’t need to remind him why I’m leaving, he knows. I just quietly get up and exit.

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