I am 28 years old from India. I wish to be a pilot. I am not rich. Go or no go ?

Unless you are from a wealthy family I suggest you to not take up flying as a profession.

The global economy has gone through unprecedented expansion over past 30 years. A massive correction is overdue. Airlines and advertising are the first industries to be hit in any downturn.

If you are from a wealthy family you can write off the INR 10 million for training and certification to adventure (CPL is great bragging rights). And then start a new venture for another INR 20 million.

I know umpteen people who have left job as cabin crew. After 3-5 years they can't take the constant travel anymore. Also consider that you are nothing but a waiter except that you work 6 miles up. Do you really want to spend the rest of your life fetching people blankets and getting a tongue lashing if the peanuts are stale?

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