Am I (30F) being cold hearted for no longer wanting to be friends with insecure people?

While I appreciate your insight, I think you’re making a few too many assumptions here.

Firstly, when I met these more emotionally stable friends I didn’t exhibit the behaviours the current insecure ones did because I put the work in to better my situation through extensive therapy and self work (none of which either of these insecure friends have made any steps towards). Also, I never intend to cut these people out ruthlessly because I don’t consider them ‘good enough’ anymore.

I wouldn’t really say these insecure friends have been exemplar people in my life - they were not there for me at my worst, it was the secure people around me who really showed up when I lost/have been grieving someone close to me this year. I’d say their support was limited due to their preoccupation with themselves and their issues and the more secure friends have provided a far more supportive friendship as they’re in a better place to do so, while also having healthy boundaries that they enforce regularly with everyone around them.

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