Why Am I Always the Victim?

Got a new case going on. For my English class the lecturer told us to do a mock job interview, where a group of 8 will have 3 of them as interviewers and the others are candidates. Unfortunately the interview date was on this week, where we had to submit final projects for our other classes. So it's a really busy week.

We were given either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday to do the interview, and Tuesday and Wednesday are out of the question because of the dates for final projects earlier. I suggested to my group to pick Thursday or Friday, since it'll give us room to breathe and practice.

However, only two out of 8 group members agreed with me since they know that we'll be busy. Then another two of my group members suddenly said that they can't do on Thursday and Friday because they want to go back to their hometowns. I told them it would be unwise to choose Wednesday because we'll have no time to prepare. But they ignore me and went ahead with Wednesday.

The decision was made on Tuesday, and later that night I still had to complete my final projects with my other two friends who agreed with me. But suddenly rhe other group members began demanding us to give them questions since we're the employers. I thought it'll be brief so I began to wrote questions and give it to them. A few minutes later they told me the question is too advanced and complicated, and they said the lecturer told us to give easy questions since we are 'fresh graduates'. So I reworked the questions to make it easier and they agree. And now I can focus on my final project.

Half an hour later they told me that one question is tricky, and before I could help them answer that question they decided to replace that question with another one. I got irritated so I mock them about the fact that they can't answer an tricky question. Then all of a sudden they all ganged up on me (except the other two who agreed with me) and scold me for being greedy for marks. And even told me I'm selfish for being good at English

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