I am an Asexual.

Ofcourse I don't know anything how it feels to be you but I just wanna give you another perspective to think this from (could be wrong but still): Can you answer the following?

Do you think you are an empathetic person in general? Especially towards Men?
You said you do have the bodily itch to have sex (which is exactly how it is for everyone) but do you think it's your ego that you think you don't want any man to penetrate you as it feels (to you) as if the man would gain something at your loss which you would never want even if your body (and body can't feel without brain and neurons) wants it?
Is it that egotistical part of your brain that won't let a man have the pleasure at your expense?
I am guessing you cannot enjoy the intercourse when the man is enjoying it too! Have you tried being totally selfless and let the man have sex with you and see later that it's not that bad after all? I probably masturbate , ever tried a real dik instead of a dildo or fingers? just ignore the man involved.

Maybe my comment is stupid but I just wanted to say it. Thanks for reading

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