I am a atheist but Christianity is forced upon me AMA

From my point of view, yeah all that is bullshit and no one deserves to go through it, but you’re also lucky. I have no family besides one uncle. All of my grandparents are dead, everyone else my parents made the decision to distance themselves from, meaning i have zero contact with anyone outside of my immediate family. If my parents died, i would have zero family besides an uncle and sister. Not everyone can have a big happy family, and we’re in the same boat on that one (you’ll see why that’s probably for the best one day) You’re only 14, not to talk down to you, but you have no idea what life is even about yet. Stick out the bullshit and you’ll discover happiness soon enough. Don’t see your situation as bullshit, see it as a massive issue you have/can overcome. As soon as you start looking at it like that, you will realize how resilient and strong you are, and how capable you are of doing anything you put your mind to.

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