I am a babysitter and I have been sitting one child on and off for about 3 years. I have had the same pay since I started... 5$ an hour... I realize now that i am being ridiculously under payed. How do I bring this up? I should at least be getting minimum wage!!! Help I don't want to be rude

I pay a licensed home daycare $6.10 an hour for 2 kids at 9 hours a day. ($55 a day for both kids) She's licensed, graduated in early education, cpr certified, etc. I live in a middle to high cost of living area. Local evening sitters want $12 an hour. Dinner and movie is $150+ at that rate. Needless to say we don't go out much.

My point is that $5 is good for your age and 1 child.

Minimum wage in PA is $7.25. Minus about $1.81 an hour (25%) for taxes and you're at $5.44. You won't have the same luxuries as you do now but you'll be paid more. Is $.44 worth it? That's why I'm saying asking for $6 wouldn't be a bad idea or even ask for $7 and settle on $6. It's hard to say exactly as there's a lot of factors but explain as to why you want more. Include the more responsibilities that are involved now compared to when you first started. (Cooking, etc.) Be prepared if they push back and say no or if they choose to hire someone else. I don't see them doing that but you never know.

And instead of saying you play with the child say you teach the child through play. It sounds a bit better.

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