Am I "blinded by love?"

It's funny you should mention "Blinded by love". Because yeah Kinda that's what happens. When you love some one truely with all your heart, you tend to ignore the minor flaws of the person. Am not telling she's a bad person ( I don't wanna judge anyone ). But dude she's treating you wrong. It's like she's not even trying to keep you happy.

And yes I get it when you love someone you wanna gift them and show them how much they mean to you, but when they don't do anything back I mean at least a card or a simple hand made gift with love. Yeah that sucks.. exactly makes you feel underappreciated.

Personally for me, I remember my first girlfriend who I loved so much, but sadly married someone else ( we were still in college at the time ). Once we broke off, sure the phase of being sad and broken.. once that passed by... I kinda realized OMG I was so Blinded by love, she had many flaws which would have ended up in a break up either way, our mutual friends even confirmed that she was way too authoritative on you!

But, as far as breaking up with your girl, I don't wanna say yeah go break up. But all I wanna say is.. don't stay silent, just confront her with how you feel about it. Don't hold it within you. Just talk it out and then just go with the flow.

Just know that everything happens for a reason.

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