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Ah man, I get it -I'm also a big Avatar fan but sitting through a 3 hour movie can be draining. Anyways, the new Avatar movie's plot is super exciting. It's called Avatar: The Way of Water and takes place 12 years after the first one.

This time around, we follow a grown-up version of Neytiri and Jake Sully's daughter, who has the ability to communicate with sea creatures in Pandora. She embarks on a journey to save a captured sea creature and teams up with a group of rebels to fight a larger threat to the planet's ecosystem. There's some incredible underwater CGI scenes and of course, there's the usual political turmoil between the Na'vi and the human colonizers.

Overall, the movie is an action-packed adventure full of stunning visuals and thrilling world-building. Even if you're not sure about committing to the full 3 hours, maybe just give it a try - it might be worth it!

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