"Am I , a child, supposed to carry and birth another child." 12-year-old girl pleads with lawmakers on abortion

Nor veterans.

Jon Stewart is out in force today.

Why? Why do these people run for office? To be a public servant? I can’t fathom the cruel mindset of humanity at times.

It makes me feel like an anomaly.

Planet is doomed, along with humanity if we don’t go carbon neutral by 2030… no one cares.

Children are slaughtered by weapons of war….. no one cares/the price of the 2ndA.

10 year olds are raped and impregnated. People said the story was fake, and now the doctor that performed the abortion is being sent death threats.

1,000,000 Americans died of covid in a few short years….. people could care less.

The Republican Party lead an insurrection against the US, attempted to overthrow our government, police injured by the hundreds, people died….. the leader is the likely GOP nominee in 2024.

Who are we? Why do we put up with this.

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