I am considering not to finish Odyssey. Would I miss out on a lot of good story?

If there was one game I could delete from my memory it would be Odyssey. Not because it's good and I'd want to play it again. I'd want to forget it because it was propably the worst game I ever played. I didn't enjoy it at all, but for some reason pushed through, which I wish I didn't do. Odyssey is the only game I can say I enjoyed absolutely nothing about.

Sadly the story from Odyssey is relevant to Valhalla, as shit as it is. I would reccomend you uninstall the game and just watch a story recap on youtube.

Odyssey is made to be grindy and feel like work all the way through with nothing rewarding at the end. This feeling is kept up through the whole game and never goes away. I've also played all the games in this franchise and Odyssey is easily the worst, lest enjoyable, most grindy game out of all of them.

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