I am a conspiracy theorist. AMA

There's a similar experience with alot of conspiracy theorists where once you start looking at the world in a different way, everything from that point on looks different. And you see most of it is all a show, human beings are all just following orders pretending to know what we're doing and pretending to show we are moral. For me I don't know anything is true 100% but there is too many evidence with alot of conspiracy theories like Covid 19 pandemic, The great reset, pedophilia in hollywood, government are a mafia and if you uncover their corruption you will be suicided. CIA brought cocaine into america. Left vs Right is all a show to divide people. And of course the classics like 9/11, JFK assassination etc. There's too much evidence for alot of these and they are beyond reasonable doubt.

I also don't like the word Conspiracy theory as its used to put everyone in the same box and ridicule them.

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