I am so disappointed in this community. Didn't know we weren't any better than an angry, childish mob.

Autumn, you're great and you always have my support like the rest of the boys. But you're sort of a public figure, having been part of SP7. So when you publicize stuff like this, it just paints a more negative picture of the community here. It has been really toxic, I admit. But when one of the (former) members of the group starts coming at people and making it public, it just makes the situation worse. I know you must've had good intentions but you're really just throwing gasoline at a fire. James put a tweet out there and things were calming down. This isn't going to help. The things you read in here might get you emotionally riled up (me too, sometimes), but my advice would be to step back from it. Don't engage with people like this. You'll just make yourself a target and grant the bad parts of the subreddit more reasons to rage.

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