Am I “dumb” or on on point.

Im 36 and my uncle is 62. Age doesn’t = intelligence. My uncle connected Mormonism to getting pussy (because my aunt at the time wouldn’t get married to a non-Mormon and my uncle was a desperate atheist who had a traumatic break up). This all happened in the 1980s. Both my aunt and uncle are “spiritual” agnostics. Meaning they are both religious.

My uncle keeps preaching “personal growth” and how his depression, Toni Robbins, and Deepak Chopra (of all fucking people) changed his life. When he talks like that I say - “Dude, you live in your pajamas all day off SSI and cannot even fix yourself a sandwich. You don’t do shit for your own wife who is perpetually dissatisfied with you. If you call that enlightenment than fuck me!”

When I say that to him, I automatically talk about my flaws. I am also on SSI for the same reasons he is. I got divorced because I couldn’t function as a “normal” adult. At least I am intellectually honest about it and admit that I suck!

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