I am a Dunmer refugee in Skyrim during the fourth era, ask me anything.

My hands are calloused and scarred from fishing and woodcutting for hours on end, sewing fabric and hunting.

You just described the life of most of us Nords, this is the basic expectations of any Nord, this isn't special.

Skyrim belongs to anyone who toils to survive in her.

Would you same the same of Morrowind, Elf?

No Dunmer I know would agree if we where talking of Morrowind.

Are yours, you milk drinking s'wits?

The last time I tasted any milk was on my mother's bosom.

Or do you merely rent out the hardiness of others while you sit cozy by the fire and wax supremacy over your idleness?

I don't live in any of the cities if that's what you are asking.

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