I am fascinated that the skulls of the people who say this garbage don't slide off their smooth brains

Brah, both sides of my family were repressed by USSR (one for being part of minor nobility, the other for being part of the clergy). One of my grandma's was the only child in her family out of 8 (or 9) to survive the famine of 1932-1933 and the other one was nearly put down (she was a newborn at the time the famine started) by her own parents since my great-grandma didn't have food to produce milk. So, USSR was horrible to live in.

But this occurred because of mismanagement, lies throughout the bureaucratic change to make it seem like the country was on track to fulfil the 5 year plan and overly ambitious industrialisation plans by the central government. Even the repressions are understandable, since my educated sides of the family were probably pissed off that they lost their privileges.

But you know what would happen to both sides of my family if Nazi's won? Extermination. Because neither side is 'aryan' despite being white (and before you ask, no I am not Jewish).

Nazi ideology is literally centred on extermination of 'rodent races'. It is literally homocide for the sake of homocide. Not as a fuck up. But as an intentional decision.

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