"I am getting sick and tired of dinosaurs being forced on our children." - Christian group wants references to dinosaurs removed from school curriculum

I was in a relationship with a women when I was younger that was a Born Again Christian. She had come from a troubled upbringing, had two very young daughters (twins) she was supporting by herself, and managed to find some peace at church I suppose. She was more like a part time Born Again Christian, but I am not here to offer insults about her as she is no longer with us due to an unfortunate car accident (a couple years after we stopped seeing each other (daughters were not in the car)).

Anyways, I remember one night we were watching television and she straight out asked if I believed in dinosaurs and why they weren't mentioned in the Bible. I just looked at her for a second because I wasn't sure if she was joking or not. It never occurred to me that someone could actually think that way. I am a 32 year old man and when I was a kid dinosaurs were everything to me. I had dinosaur toys, sheets, posters, books, ceramic statues, stickers, clothes, underwear, etc. You name it I had dinosaurs. I wanted to be a Paleontologist up until high school. So to have someone ask me something like that seemed totally crazy. Personally I am an Agnostic who leans Atheist sometimes. I grew up in a non-religious family, but was baptized Episcopalian and attended Catholic high school where theology class was a four year thing. They took the approach that dinosaurs were legit and so was evolution and all scientific knowledge. The creation stories were just oral tradition passed on by through the years until the Old Testament was written down and were not to be taken literally. I had no idea that people actually thought it was factual word for word.

I did not want to appear condescending so I simply told her what I mentioned above. That the creation stories in the Bible were in fact just stories and that scientific knowledge had been able to replace those stories with what actual occurred before people existed. She seemed to take it pretty well and agreed that that made sense. I never attempted to tackle evolution with her. The relationship ended after about 6-8 months because of my reluctance to be religious for her (i just couldn't force something I knew wasn't true) and I came to feel like raising and or having children was not something I wanted and I did not feel right about keeping her from finding someone who would be a willing, loving father.

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