Am I going crazy? Or is London...

I arrived in London from South America. And there are amazing things this city has to offer, to be honest, I love it, but I also can see what you are saying without living here before. This city is the most capitalist city I've ever been (it even feels more capitalist than NY) and in the two years living here I have seen:

  • A feedback society. Everything has to have a review! I've even seen reviews of public toilets. Nothing seems worth exploring by yourself. Even in the local Facebook groups, there is always a post about someone saying "I completely recommend/not recommend this". I know it could be nice but it sounds more like they feel their opinion is so relevant that everyone should know instead of helping a local shop. They have made you believe that your own experience is worth sharing, but in reality its just more data for Google, Facebook, Uber, deliveroo, etc.
  • Local shops and restaurants being replaced by chains
  • Everything is about money, of course this is everywhere, but I've seen that here is taken to the extent that even the taste of your decoration are based on that. (not everyone of course). e.g. I have been looking for a flat and when I tell the landlord that I'm not interested in the sofa or the wallpaper the response I always get is "But it cost a lot of money". Like ok, then sell it because is hideous, what they are trying to say is that if the product was costly it must be good! There's an intrinsic idea that money = valuable, and I believe there are many people getting "scammed" because they don't know what they are buying. And I also belive that's where all this rap/love island style emerged from. (two sides of the same coin)
  • Almost impossible to pay with cash and get off the grid (Im not interested in this, but still I found it weird)

Well I could continue, but you get the idea. Still I love this city, and I live in a neighbourhood that its much more relaxed and there are places that only accept cash haha

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