I am having trouble staying motivated due to my body goals.

Dude, don't look at those people on social media! Stop it! You're punishing yourself and choosing to make yourself feel bad for something you can't change. If something is making you feel bad about yourself when you're healthy, strong, and mobile, you gotta unfollow them. Half of those people are fake anyways.

I can and can't relate. I'm lanky and not apple-shaped (who even made up these stupid fruit shapes? what if instead you got to liken your shape to that of a muscly python?), but that shit makes me feel bad too: I feel like my unhealthiest thoughts are a direct result of skulking around on various social media. There are times when I spend hours looking at the fanciest people, and it makes me feel bad, and I'm in this downward negative spiral of telling myself how much I suck. Now, finally, I'm realizing I need to just close the computer and stop thinking like that. Shush those voices. You can train yourself to realize when you're thinking this way, and pull yourself out. It is hard, and takes time. I'm still not the best at it.

And you know, ultimately, everybody's shit stinks -- for instance, I might not be at risk for health problems b/c of where my body stores fat, but I'm still at risk for health problems!! No one's <i>not</i> at risk. No one gets out alive, in the end (sorry). I'm sure as hell at risk for further health problems as a result of the ones I already suffer from, all of which are genetic. No one has it perfect. Nothing makes me appreciate my flawed, whatever-fruit body and all that it can do more than thinking of the time when I was sick, and it couldn't do anything.

Love yourself! Life is short and youth is shorter. There are lots of people who will appreciate that special mix of what you are bringing to the table, people who will love your EXACT shape, your personality, your mind.

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