Am I horrible for doing this (read my other posts)

I understand I haven't had her a long time, but I cannot devote myself to her in the way she needs. I had adult pitbulls growing up and younger but NEVER 8 week old pups in my house growing up cause my dad did training specifically for pitbulls. I cannot get his help cause he lives in Washington and I live in Oregon with my mom who works full time so she cannot help. I feel my best option is to re-home her because this is more than puppy blues my old habits and ways are coming back very strongly and it's causing me to not only mentally but physically deteriorate. I know if I keep her I'll regret my decision cause she will ware down my mental health and I won't be able to provide the care she needs. and I know that I'll regret my decision of re-homing for a little while but I still plan on being involved in her life just not as her primary care taker. I also don't want to risk keeping her in my low mental health state and have her develop behavioral issues that will take longer to reverse as she gets older. Down the road I believe I should only adopt adult dogs because I don't think I could ever do this again and I really enjoyed my older dogs and was able to care for them more easily till they passed without my mental health being shaky.

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