I am in the hospital with my wife of 10 years who has just gotten her gender reassignment surgery. AMA!

I'll never understand why people find these arguments to be SO full of enlightment. Just like when gay marriage is discussed in some circles still - "so if I wanna fuck and marry a horse now, you've set it up so society tells me I can!"

While, sure, you have a point that allowing people to identify with whatever gender they feel may cause a slippery slope when people start using the "I identify as a 17 year old so I had sex with a 16 year old" argument - what is the actual end game here? Whenever this argument comes up, I never understand why. Do you not want people to be transgender? You don't seem like a bigot, you seem like a reasonable person. Do you want people to identify with being a 17 year old even though they're 40? How do you want this discussion to end? How do you want transgender people to feel upon reading that? Do you want them to feel stupid, and that they should be in hiding from society until they go through a real sex change? I just really don't understand the point of a comparative argument like that every time transgender people are brought up.

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