I am looking to get a tattoo of my family crest but this is so boring. Could anyone draw me different version? Willing to pay for an actual HQ PDF version.

I wouldn't mind giving it a shot. Are you looking for something stylised, a variant that is recognizable, or just a cleaned up version that doesn't look as 'digital'?

Keep in mind, a good tattoo shop would have an artist who could clean it up or stylize it as they plan the tattoo. If the tattoo is the only place you want it used, that is a good route to go. If you want to be able to have it for use elsewhere, read on.

If you want it stylized, PM me a few pictures in a style you like, and I can try to follow. I am a by no means an expert level artist, so feel free to continue to look for others to do this project while I work on it. I look for interesting opportunities to practice, and this would be a good one.

In regards to the image itself, can you explain in words what each part of the image is, so I don't have to guess based on a simple picture? For example, I see a lion with a crown, but right under him there is something. Is it a rope? Pillow? Decorative mark that has no importance? The lower left of the image looks like a belt buckle. Is that from a specific era or uniform? Does it represent something like soldiers in your family. If so, what country etc.

The reason being this: if I knew that the lower left corner was a buckle because your family fought for the Confederates etc. I could look up Confederate uniforms and draw a buckle based on those.

If it's something completely different, such as a compass, that would be very different. Is the style of the crown important, or would any crown do? Do you want the lion drawn the same? More realistic? More cartoonish? Should it stay profile? Or can it be 3/4 view to be more interesting?

As you can see, it is a lot more complicated than just 'can you redraw this'. Without context I could misinterpret your crest. Without guidance I could choose a style you don't like.

Let me know what you think.

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