Am I [M29] a supreme asshat for talking to my girl [F28] about her weight? I need some advice on a kinda serious situation, stat...

As someone who works in healthcare, I totally respect the differences. I know it's more difficult for women to maintain a healthy weight, especially when they arent very physically active. But it's not impossible or a back-breaking ordeal if you work at it day after day.

What if you tried to shift your own mindset to appreciating that she attributes that weight gain to her happiness in her relationship with you? What if you celebrated that a person you love is nourishing her body and embracing life rather than starving?

I have... I know that I should (as her partner) be more supportive somehow. I wouldn't make a post like this if I didnt already expect people to yell at me a little. But shifting my mindset cant get around the real, physical situation. I love her and appreciate her everyday for who she is.

For many people, loving their body or having others love their body helps them get to a place where they exercise and take care of it.

This is a big part of it too... I think I've really hurt her ability to go to the gym and be confident in herself losing weight...

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