I am a man who had sex with multiple men in prison during my 6 month sentence. AMA!

nope i was and believed to be fully straight before going. i never was into men at all. however i had sex with men out of fear and having no choice many times. so i didnt like it most of the time.

i am a skinny white boy thats 5'5. and i was 20 at the time so i looked like a young kid. and so many of the inmates wanted to sexualize me a lot. everyday they would cat call me and tell me sexual stuff. then one day when i was sleeping and i woke up to my cell mates erect penis in my mouth. he grabbed my throat and told me if i do anything stupid like try and bite his dick or scream or fight him off he would knock me out. i was scared and let him do what he was doing. he contrinued to face fuck me and then grabbed me and turned me around on my stomach and told me to stick my ass up in doggy position and thats when he fucked me. i legit cried and scream but he muffled my screams with my pillow. i never as so much put a finger up my butt so to have a grown mans penis in it was very painful and uncomfortable for me. however as time went on i did get used to it. my cell mate was serving life and so he told me his only option was to turn to men if he wanted to be able to be sexually satisfied. and so he made me suck his dick almost everyday. and he then would introduce me to his buddies in the shower and i would get fucked by my cell mate while i would suck one of his buddies dick. and i would get fucked by some other guys too on other occasions. i once got caught sucking my cell mates dick in the shower, the PO walked in cause we were taking long and saw me on my knees sucking the dude off and he then seperated us and gave us a warning.

the crazy thing is that after a while of doing this i didnt mind it, and even at times enjoyed it and looked forward to it. cause i was miserable in prison and getting fucked or giving a big buff guy a blowjob and watch his moan and get all horny because of me made me feel special.

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