I am a middle-aged overnight stocker at Walmart. AMA!

There used to be the "unloaders" that work second shift, unload the trucks, separate the freight by department, bring it to the floor, and if they finished doing all that early the unloaders would help stock or do other tasks as needed.

Walmart started a new program called "CAP" where there's a first shift team(CAP1) that scans all the overstock in the backroom, the computer system indicates which of those items can go onto the sales floor, CAP1 picks those items, stocks what's needed, etc. Second shift (CAP2) unloads and sorts the trucks, but now is supposed to work consumable departments(Health & Beauty, Pets, Household Chemicals, Paper, and Infant Food). That's all well and good but they never hired any additional people for CAP2. We lost some good unloaders because it became such a mess for them to try to work these areas on top of what they already had to do.

A "Mod Team" was formed where there are specific people on third shift that set new modulars--when items are discontinued and new items are brought in and the layout changes. Department managers used to set the modulars on first shift. The Mod Team is made of of former third shift stockers--the stockers were never replaced, so third shift basically lost stockers. So now we have to rush through stocking sometimes and can't do the job thoroughly because we don't have the amount of people we should.

Walmart also started "Site To Store" where people can order things online and have it sent to a local Walmart. Unfortunately half the time there's no one scheduled to work that counter so someone has to run back from the service desk or leave electronics to help people at the Site To Store counter.

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